My name is Ryan Boughen, and I love my job as a Regina mortgage broker!

I enjoy helping people that have all sorts of mortgage needs, from purchasing their next home, helping them with their mortgage renewals, or mortgage refinancing to lower their mortgage interest rate. In my latest mortgage tip I discuss Breaking Your Mortgage Early! 

Breaking Your Mortgage Early Can Save You Thousands!


Normally I don’t talk specifically about mortgage rates, because rates are like noses…everyone banker and mortgage broker has one.

I like to think that I can add more value to you than being a rate-quoter.

With the cost of groceries, utilities, and now fuel (why is the price of gas going up again?), coupled with the burden of car loans and credit card payments, families are looking to find more money in their budget.

There is a great opportunity to put some green back in your pocket and accelerate your financial goals.  With interest rates recently moving to the category of “ridiculously low”, it makes sense to figure out if you could save some money by taking out an early renewal.

Each person’s current mortgage situation is unique, but it may be financially advantageous to switch to a lower rate mortgage if:

  1. You have less than two years left on your fixed rate mortgage and have a rate higher than 3.29%


  1. You have a variable rate mortgage with at least 1 year left and/or have a rate higher than Prime – 0.25% (currently 2.60%).

Each person’s situation is unique, but if you can get a net savings of $1,000, or even $5,000 to $10,000 before your current mortgage is scheduled to be up, it could be some of the fastest money you will make this spring.

I can quickly figure out if this is worth it for you.  If you are wondering what savings you could have, send me an email or contact me on my contact page.

I won’t recommend anything that I wouldn’t do personally!

Let me finish with this… if you are thinking of selling your existing home to buy something new…Call me a Mortgage Broker BEFORE Listing Your Home

Contact me right now and we can discuss your mortgage needs!

Let’s work through all the numbers together and put a plan together before you go and list your property and end up homeless.